This is a new age in geological history. Human activity is now the biggest force on earth. Shaping, controlling and moving earth and rivers as if they were commanded by our own hands. Our species, behaving like the evil villain in a comic book, constantly advancing technology enabling us to tower over the inferior power of our earth’s. However, this is not the only ongoing battle in the arms of this battered environment. As a person as ordinary can possibly be in this delicately balanced game of modern society, we do not have a say in the weapons we use against our own home. The commanding forces of our side take and destroy with their intellect and power what they think will be the best for the human race. Leaving the people who oppose what they are doing to be lost in the crusade of right and wrong, fighting for what is the roots and most important part of them. This artwork portrays the story of this battle. The forceful bureaucratic grid that is ingrained within us, thought and the breakdown of this by the sheer scale of the problem itself. We play life like a game, and we can only play it to the best of our abilities. However, the movements that we are making are leaving the world in ruins behind us and only some of us are thinking about it.